KE Precision Ag has been a Precision Planting Premier Dealer for over 20 years - since the beginning.

Planters are what we do. They are our passion. Our sole focus. If you want a sprayer, tractor, or chisel plow... go see someone else. When it comes to planters and Precision Planting, nobody does it better, more thoroughly, or more complete.

This commitment to our customers through product solutions, product knowledge, and product service is what keeps them coming back time after time.

We are not just here from 8AM to 5PM. Our certified technicians are here for you around the clock - 24 hours a day - to keep you up and running.

We have watched the product offering expand from simple to elaborate. From Keeton seed firmers to multi-hybrid variable rate planting. From BullsEye seed tubes to complete IntelliPlanters.

Through our expertise and guidance, we will go at your pace, helping any customer to progress regardless of skill level or technological know-how.



KE Precision Ag


Mission Statement

Helping producers implement profitable solutions for agriculture

Vision Statement

Providing growers first choice products with best-in-class service

Providing a simplified precision ag solution to enhance profitability

KE Precision Ag constructed this video below to give our customers and potential customers insight into the dedication and passion KE Precision Ag has to make your planter, no matter the color, the most intelligent ever. This video showcases the following Precision Planting products:

  • 20/20 SeedSense monitoring system
  • FieldView iPad mapping and management app
  • vSet vacuum meters
  • DeltaForce individual row hydraulic down force system
  • vDrive electric drive system
  • WaveVision seed tubes/sensors
  • CleanSweep pneumatic row cleaner adjustment system
  • Keeton seed firmers

Our Team

Kurt - Owner KE Precision Ag



309.360.5412 kurt@KEprecisionAg.com

The owner of KE Precision Ag began his working career in the IBM Field Engineering Division decades ago, so electronics and new technologies are nothing new. Kurt also has experience as an agricultural financial consultant, so a practical, down to earth approach is what the company is all about. In addition, he oversees our family farm and the marketing and financial decisions that are associated. Most importantly, Kurt writes the paychecks.



Precision Ag Operations Manager & Service Specialist

309.360.5409 aaron@KEprecisionAg.com

Aaron is our agronomy and Precision Planting specialist. He is constantly setting up test plots and side-by-sides to find the advantage, or disadvantage, of one variable over another. He is just as devoted when it comes to planter performance and seed placement.  With the planter pass being the most important field operation that gets completed, Aaron knows the in’s and out’s of giving each seed the best possible environment for maximizing success. With this heightened awareness and knowledge, Aaron and Kurt together manage and maintain a successful operation with real hands-on experience.



Precision Ag Technician

309.232.4504 wendy@KEprecisionAg.com

Wendy has a deep passion for agronomy, and doing things right the first time by paying attention to every detail. Wendy grew up on a family farm near Brimfield, Illinois, with a degree from Illinois Central College in Ag Business Management & Agronomy. Her farming background and deep roots in agriculture and dedication to hard work make her a valuable member of the KE Precision Ag team.


Doug Stahl

Precision Ag Meter Room Manager & Senior Technician

Doug has just about seen it all when it comes to calibrating planter meters. Doug’s precise and detailed nature coupled with many years of meter room experience makes him an elite seasoned veteran. A farmer himself, Doug looks at meters and replacement parts through the eyes of a farmer to help you put good sense to meter decisions.