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20/20 Gen3

data drives decisions

20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment.

When you make better decisions in your next pass through the field, you make better decisions next season, and throughout the future of your operation.

Are you equipped to make the right decisions for your operation?
The new 20|20 opens the door to your data

Farming used to be based on almanacs and guesswork. You crossed your fingers. The new 20|20 puts all the data you need at your fingertips.

Whether you’re stopping in the field to make a fix, evaluating your approach for the next pass, or choosing your purchases for next season, you need the right data for the job.


sense your soil, on the fly

You’ve fine-tuned your planter to perform just right, you’ve invested in the right seeds for each acre and you have the right starter program to give this year’s crop an early boost. Now your furrows are about to hold all your potential for the season. The question is: Are they ready? Do you have uniform moisture below the surface where your seed is being planted? Is the soil temperature adequate to drive quick germination? Is last year’s residue out of the furrow and away from the seed?

With SmartFirmer you no longer have to guess.

Put eyes inside every furrow with a seed-firmer sensor that measures organic matter, moisture, residue and temperature. Now you can optimize hybrid selection, population, depth, fertility and row cleaners in real time.


flow measurement and control on-row

vApplyHD is the industry first, on-row liquid control product which incorporates flow measurement and control into a single device. Its row-by-row features include turn compensation, swath, automatic flow balancing, and variable rate prescription execution.

The module is easy to install, simple to use, and designed with industry leading flexibility. The vApplyHD module is used, without modification, from the lowest pop-up rates on the planter to the highest sidedress rates, across the full range of speeds.

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