Precision Planting Products

2020 SeedSense monitor

20/20 SeedSense

The 20/20 SeedSense System gives you more accurate information. That lets you actively manage your planter and make changes that save you money.



Sense and map row by row soil organic matter, furrow moisture and uniformity, and furrow residue while planting.

vApplyHD cropped


Variable flow control for row by row and/or section liquid fertilizer application. Manage liquid rates across wide ranges of planter speeds and variable rate prescriptions.

FurrowJet_side cropped


Place starter fertilizer in the optimal location. Apply higher rates safely near the seed to minimize risk and increase yields.

VDrive System Powered by 20/20 SeedSense

vDrive Systems

Powered by 20/20 SeedSense, vDrive brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on ground speed curves.
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20/20 DeltaForce


Control down force with military precision. Win the battle for higher yields. When you control down force, you avoid shallow-planted seeds and you avoid root compaction.  Click here for more…

20/20 RowFlow

20/20 RowFlow

20/20 RowFlow works in tandem with the 20/20 SeedSense to map out your boundaries and control your row shut-off system.

AirForce Control Center

20/20 AirForce

Too little down force means shallow plants. Too much down force means restricted root growth. AirForce means automatic control.

CleanSweep cylinder

Clean Sweep

CleanSweep is a dual air cylinder that lets you set and adjust your row cleaners’ down pressure from the cab.


vSet Vacuum Meter

The vSet is hands-down the best metering system on the market


eSet Vacuum Meter

Every Seed. Every Time.  eSet vacuum meters have become the new standard for seeding accuracy and flexibility. Click here for more…

vSet Select

vSet Select

No more missed yield potential. Multi-hybrid planting is here. Click here for more…

vDrive Insecticide

vDrive Insecticide

vDrive Insecticide provides accurate delivery across your entire speed range.
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With FieldView Plus, you can share yield data between combines and other iPads. Share coverage maps and automatically build complete yield maps.