DeltaForce Systems

Control down force with military precision. Win the battle for higher yields.

When you control down force, you avoid shallow-planted seeds and you avoid root compaction. Simply put, you pave the way for higher yields.

20/20 DeltaForce

Nothing controls down force better than DeltaForce™ from Precision Planting. In every foot on every pass, in each individual row, it monitors row unit weight and ground contact, then instantly and automatically adjusts to maintain the depth you set. In a four year study, managing down force improved yield on average 8.7 bushels.* It’s a simple solution to improve yields and win.

DeltaForce Benefits

DeltaForce is available for John Deere, Case IH, Kinze, and most any other planter models. DeltaForce works with 20/20 SeedSense® replacing the springs or air bags on your planter. It includes hydraulic cylinders, plus a weigh pin that sends data to SeedSense which, in turn, controls the cylinders – and your down force. Add FieldView® to see high-resolution maps of down force, applied down force and ground contact on your iPad®.

*Source: Becks Practical Farm Research. 2008-2012

DeltaForce 4

Why you need DeltaForce:

  1. Increase yields by 7-10 bu/acre
  2.  No more guessing on adjusting springs or airbags
  3. DeltaForce is the only down force system on the market with lift and down control
  4. Highly precise single row hydraulic control – every row is thinking for itself
  5.  Adjusts 5 times a second throughout the field – that’s every 18 inches at 5 mph

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DeltaForce installed:

DeltaForce cylinders and hydraulic hoses installed on a Shoup/John Deere row unit

DeltaForce cylinders and hydraulic hoses installe

DeltaForce lift manifold

DeltaForce lift manifold

DeltaForce Power Distribution Module (PDM)

DeltaForce Power Distribution Module

Weigh pins on every row installed on a Shoup/John Deere row unit


Single Row Module (SRM) on every row installed on a Shoup/John Deere row unit

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