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I was looking for a two year payback on vDrive and vSets. After one year the system paid for itself!

Bradford, IL

“I bought the 20/20 SeedSense and FieldView system through the PrecisionAcre program before the Spring of 2014. We were able to find several issues with our John Deere 7000 12 row planter. We found we had the wrong sprockets for the outer wing sections which were running 13% short for population. The seed data tab on the diagnose page showed us the exact amount of kernels for each row when we did health checks with KE Precision Ag so that is how we were able to determine our first issue. Also, we put the new JD 20 sprocket on which wasn’t adaptable to the #40 chain so the chain would ride over and jump so by having the 20/20 we also were able to determine this problem right away.”

Steve Peters
Geneseo, IL

Grant McCauley

“The EZ Pilot system has been an excellent investment. The system works great and makes fieldwork more  enjoyable and precise. I can now apply spring ammonia at night in dusty conditions on worked ground with ease. The system is priced well below Deere autosteer units and the service you get from KE is top notch. The installation is done very professionally and does not clutter the tractor cab. I would recommend this product to anyone considering an autosteer unit.”

Grant McCauley
Wyoming, IL

Doug Herrmann, Brimfield IL

“I’m really enjoying having auto-steer in the sprayer tractor, it’s worth every penny. Thanks again.”

Doug Herrmann
Brimfield, IL

(The picture shows his New Holland planter tractor and Kinze planter with Tru-Count clutches.)

“My EZ-Pilot on the planter tractor is working great, my Trimble RTX service is working much better than my RTK AutoFarm system we traded in, and I can’t say enough good about the service from KE Precision Ag.”

Joe Warrick
Mackinaw, IL

“I am a farmer who didn’t think I needed auto steer. Greg encouraged me to demo an EZ-Pilot Trimble system on my 8300 JD tractor. The installation was very neat and didn’t make the cab look all cobbled up. I used the system for Fall tillage using WAAS and everything worked great, so much less stress! I purchased the unit and will probably have another one put in my 7430 in the near future. Greg’s service and expertise is exceptional, and he is always available if any problems arise. I would highly recommend the Trimble system and KE Precision Ag GPS systems.”

Marvin Herrmann
Speer, IL

“We sold our old Kinze planter and 20/20, and thought we could get by without a 20/20 on our 2008 JD 1770NT with SeedStar2. We only got 30 acres planted. Every time we turned around, or when a row clutched out, our SeedStar monitor had warning messages plastering the entire screen, covering our coverage map, guidance lines, and planting data. We had three things that we really missed; it maps by the seed, it shows specific singulation data, and it is very user-friendly. Upgrading JD displays would have corrected some of the issues, but it would have been cost prohibitive over the 20/20, and there is nothing like the Precision Planting products. We stopped planting and picked up a new 20/20 from KE Precision Ag and it has been working great!”

Grower near Sparland, IL

“There is no substitute for the CleanSweep system from Precision Planting. In soybean stubble, we were using 10 lbs of lift on chiseled endrows, and 40 lbs extra down pressure on the no-til everywhere else. CleanSweep makes it easy!”

Grower near Dunlap, IL

“The training class you provided was very beneficial.  Most of what you covered I was familiar with, but learning about the A+  heading will be very nice to use cutting through fields and made it all worth while.  It was also very good to be able to sit and talk with other precision ag users in the area and see what they are or are not doing. I have appreciated the service KE Precision Ag has provided over the past year and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Baer Acres, Edelstein, IL

John Iverson, Elmore, IL

“In three years of no till farming on a corn bean rotation, I had trouble seeing the planter markers and therefore had erratic guess row widths. In 2013 I wanted to move to a strip till system. This required a higher HP tractor, auto steer and GPS guidance to facilitate strip tilling in an orderly manor. Then planting into the strips will be easier.

I knew I’d need support on installation and application of this system, so I bought a Trimble 250, 500 auto steer and disengage foot switch from Greg Bradle at KE Precision Ag. I’m glad I did.

The installation would never have been done without his help. Greg came to the farm and had the tools and experience to pull the steering wheel. He had four bushings and self tapping 1/4″ screws to mount the “tip tilt” box to the cab floor. I’d broken one electric pin and he had a supply. All these were in his Van!! If I’d bought this 250 and 500 Auto Steer off the internet, the hardware would still be in the box.

In the next session Greg did the tractor-dimension inputting and Trimble adjustments. Then on a frozen field he spent an hour in the cab getting me familiar with the auto steer. The steering was able to stay within 2″ of the guidance line, even while driving over a lane with 12″ ditches and at speeds of 6 mph (needed for strip tilling). The 250 screen was hard to see, and he had 2″, 4″ and 9″ RAM-mounts (in his Van again). I can see the screen better with the 9″mount.

I’m looking forward to strip tilling and planting thanks to Greg.”

John Iverson
Dunlap/Williamsfield, IL

“With the 20/20 monitor we were able to catch a partially stripped drive gear before it was too late. This saved us time and potentially a lot of money”

Twin-B Dairy, Marathon, WI

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