The IntelliPlanter System

Any Row Unit. Any Row Spacing
IntelliPlanter Film
2020 SeedSense monitoring system
IntelliPlanter Film
vDrive electric drive metering system
IntelliPlanter Film
vSet Vacuum meters
IntelliPlanter Film
DeltaForce individual row hydraulic downforce system
Additional Options
  • Central (bulk) fill
  • Row markers
  • Row cleaners – many styles
  • Closing wheels (many styles)
  • Liquid fertilizer – tanks + application
  • SpeedTube
  • SmartDepth
  • mSet multi-hybrid
  • SmartFirmer
  • FieldView
  • WaveVision
  • Keeton Seed Firmer
IntelliPlanter Film

IntelliPlanter 1630 MW 2017

Misenhelder Planter Toolbar
  • Front fold design
  • vSet2 Vacuum Meters
  • 16 row 30″ spacing
  • DeltaForce
  • 850gal center tank
  • Yetter 2967-029 row cleaners
  • 200gal wing tanks each side
  • CleanSweep
  • 1.6 bu hoppers with Yetter Lid Lifter
  • Furrow Cruiser closing wheels
  • 20/20 SeedSense
  • FurrowJet
  • FieldView
  • Vacuum in the tube
  • Electric vDrive motor drive system
  • Full auto-steer – no row markers
  • vApplyHD liquid control for liquid insecticide, 2×2 nitrogen, and in-furrow popup starter
IntelliPlanter Film


KE Precision Ag is now using Precision Planting instrumentation to plant vegetable crops. The high accuracy technology could improve plant population, even stands, provide higher/more even germination and provide seed spacing all of which help deliver higher yield potential.

IntelliSeeder Defined:

An IntelliSeeder as defined by KE Precision Ag is a seeding implement that possesses these key attributes:

  • Rows that are seeded/planted in 12 inch spacing or less
  • Precision Planting vSets are used to provide the highest possible singulation of seed as well as the best possible spacing of seeds
  • Precision Planting vDrive is used to control and shut off seed delivery to prevent overlap seeding on end rows and over-seeding in previously seeded areas