Liquid Products


Flow measurement and control on-row

vApplyHD is the industry first, on-row liquid control product which incorporates flow measurement and control into a single device. Its row-by-row features include turn compensation, swath, automatic flow balancing, and variable rate prescription execution.

The module is easy to install, simple to use, and designed with industry leading flexibility. The vApplyHD module is used, without modification, from the lowest pop-up rates on the planter to the highest sidedress rates, across the full range of speeds.

Liquid Products


The most efficient time to place fertilizer is during the planter pass

Banded nutrients can reduce the total amount of needed fertility by up to 30% while maintaining the same yield level. Conceal is a simple nutrient placement device that places fertilizer in a band, incorporated into the soil, where the plant will be able to get those nutrients during the critical ear set stage. Conceal can be utilized to put either a single or a dual-band of nutrients down beside the row. Conceal is a combination of a gauge wheel that has a groove in it, and a knife running in the groove. The knife is guided by the gauge wheel so that
placement is always the same distance from the seed. Since the knife is mounted to the front of the row unit, it does not interfere with the critical function that the gauge wheel plays: consistent and proper seeding depth. Conceal almost can’t be seen on the row unit, tucked away inside the gauge wheel, where it does its job without increased row unit length or bulk that typically comes with nitrogen attachments.

Liquid Products


The optimum starter placement

FurrowJet is a planter fertilizer attachment which enables you to place not only an in-furrow starter fertilizer, but also a dual-band of fertilizer 3/4″ on each side of the seed. FurrowJet rides in the furrow just above the seed, firming while placing starter.

Wings on FurrowJet angle downward to cut into the sidewall and place fertilizer alongside the seed in a dual-band. By being near-furrow, this placement gives the seedling and crown roots immediate and continuous access to the nutrients.

Combined with accurate placement, FurrowJet is flexible, allowing increased rates and common starters to be applied safely, avoiding seed burn risk.

Liquid Products


Turbine & EM electromagnetic

FlowSense tells you liquid application rate on each row. Displayed on the 20|20 in the cab, you will know what rate each row is receiving, and be able to fix issues if they are occurring.

EM FlowSense is designed with no physical components in the liquid stream (turbines), so it works well with any grade of fertilizer–even thick products and products in suspension. The traditional turbine is replaced with an electromagnet.

FlowSense can be added as a stand alone product, or in combination with sectional based vApplyHD liquid control.

Liquid Products


The Precision Planting PumpStack takes the guesswork out of choosing the right liquid pump for your implement and program.

By combining high-quality Annovi Reverberi diaphragm pumps with an air accumulator and pressure bypass design and adding pre-pump filtration, these pump stacks simplify the configuration process and are ready to be bolted to your planter or sidedress bar. PumpStack is ordered without a motor and is directly compatible with
Precision Planting and John Deere PWM-controlled hydraulic drive motors. Use a motor you already have, or choose the one that works best for you.